Case Study: G. Synergy Digital Bookkeeping

About the Business

G. Synergy Digital Bookkeeping is more than a bookkeeping firm. With a 20-year heritage in North Vancouver, they offer personalized, paperless services that prioritize people, profits, and the planet. At the head of the firm is Gordana who has been taking it to new heights for almost a decade. Gordana’s mantra – 3Rs – Recording, Reconciliation & Reporting, has helped the business provide professional bookkeeping services for their clients and also providing them with peace-of-mind on the financial front. 

G.Synergy Books and Digits & Decimals partnered together in 2017 to provide professional bookkeeping services using a digital eco-friendly approach to their clients. Being 2 different businesses, they had individual presence and was difficult to ensure the messaging is the same for both and also keep on top of the technical challenges of managing 2 different websites. In 2022, both firms merged under the business name of G.Synergy Digital Bookkeeping and wanted to have a new brand presence along with a new website to drive user traffic.

Another concern was to ensure cybersecurity. Being in the financial sector and focusing on being digital, they would regularly have clients sharing documents through the website. It was vital to ensure that they documents do not get in the wrong hands and are securely delivered only to G.Synergy Digital Bookkeeping.

Coming of 2 brands together was great and it was important to us to understand the as-is to to-be situation for both. We wanted to ensure that the new business is reflected well from both merging businesses and has an original essence. 

After understanding the story and business of both companies, we started working on the layout & design for the new website. The branding had to be different but also retains its original story. It was important to be professional but at the same time have that human touch. With these in mind, we came up with a site that was modern and professional at the same time to project the personality of the business and its founder Gordana. Once the website was live, we also installed security measures to ensure the website was protected against known cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Since the launch of the new website in 2022, G.Synergy Digital Bookkeeping has constantly being getting new leads through their online marketing efforts and with The Web Geeks managing it regularly, Gordana does not worry about being up-to-date on the new upgrades & cybersecurity threats to the website.

Here is what Gordana has to say about The Web Geeks:

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