Case Study: Integra Tire North Vancouver

About the Business

Located right near Marine Drive in North Vancouver, Integra Tire (North Vancouver) is a franchise location of one of the biggest auto repair business franchises. Brian, the owner of the North Vancouver franchise location, has been at it since 2 decades. Calling Brian a car-enthusiast would be a big understatement. His passion for cars especially Vintage ones (he took me for a ride in one of those) and his experience in the industry helps him provide a solution for all your car repair needs.

Brian had the typical dilemma that every franchise-based business owner faces, everything was controlled by HQ and Brian could not do anything on the online front to become more visible and get more customers through the door. He wanted to expand the business but always had to ensure that he is adhering to the brand guidelines.

Integra Tire had a page on the main franchise website but did not reflect Brian as a person. It was corporate and very different to the experience that Brian provides to his customers at the location. So the idea was to build something that shows Brian’s personality and also adheres to the brand guidelines of HQ.

Being a tricky situation to ensure that we stay within the bounds of the HQ brand guidelines but still make the North Vancouver location’s online presence stand out, we started with understanding the smallest detail of the guidelines and how we could use it in our design. After multiple rounds of back & forth with HQ, we came up with a design that was modern, in sync with the brand and reflected Brian’s service standards for his customers.

Since the website launch in 2020, Integra Tire North Vancouver has had its own online presence and has constantly been getting online leads through their website resulting into increase in business. Brian sometimes faces a new problem on not having enough bandwidth to take on new customers but he is not complaining and staying on top of it. We are happy to be a part of this journey with Brian and feel honoured to be able do our tiny part in making Integra Tire North Vancouver a well-known name in the neighbourhood.