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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Simply launching a website and waiting for the magic to happen? That’s a throwback to the dial-up days! The real game-changer today is ensuring your digital doorstep is easy for potential customers to find.

That is where SEO steps in! Search Engine Optimization isn’t just tech jargon; it’s the art and science of boosting your website’s spotlight moment on big players like Google & Bing!

At the end of the day, it is not about the Rankings, but all about LEADS generated. Period!!

Ready to become a member of The Geek Club to get found online and attract potential clients?

Keyword Research

It all starts with thorough keyword research – identify the terms and phrases potential customers are using to search for services like yours. Understanding these keywords allows us to create a strategy to optimize the website to align with what your target audience is looking for.

On-Page Optimization

SEO is all about how Google looks at your website and decides whether you are expert enough to trust you with its users. One of the ways of doing this is by showing Google what it is looking for and making it easy for them to find it. 

Quality Content Creation

You must have heard multiple times – Content is King (or Queen)! But that is not completely true. The missing word there is QUALITY. In the era of ChatGPT, it is easier than ever to write content. Imagine you searching for something and there are 10 articles saying the same thing. How does Google know which one to rank #1?

Link Building

Google uses the concept of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority & Trust). Link building, whether internal or external, helps to show authority to Google. With higher authority, Google trusts you as an expert in the field and is more confident in driving its users to your website to be helped.

Local SEO

Ever paused to think about how often you’ve tapped into your device, hunting for a nearby service? Bet it was just a few hours ago! Since 2014, Local SEO has been the unsung hero, turbocharging local businesses into the limelight. And the powerhouse driving this revolution? None other than the mighty Google Business Profile. It’s not just about being on the map; it’s about shining brightly on it!

Analytics and Reporting

At the heart of any SEO service lies a crystal-clear principle: Transparency. From the rise and fall of keyword rankings to the ebb and flow of traffic, right down to those all-important lead conversions. Witness the real-time impact of our SEO magic, empowering you to steer your business with confidence and clarity.


Website Audit


Website Management


Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

Rate Optimization

Heatmap Tracking


Technical SEO


On-Page SEO


Google Business Profile Setup and Management

Google Business Profile
Setup & Management

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google Business Profile

Google Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Off-Page SEO


Content Creation and Guidance

Creation & Guidance

Social Bookmarking


If 12 months roll by and our SEO magic hasn’t helped generate revenue equal to your investment, then hats off, we missed a trick!
But don’t fret, we’ll keep waving our SEO wand at no extra charge until your treasure chest fills up.

All we ask? Stick with us for the initial spellbinding year!