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Traditionally, a business would spend at least a couple of thousand dollars on the design & development, and then a few hundred dollars on hosting to get it up and running. Once it is on the internet, they would spend a few hundred dollars a month to maintain and update it regularly. If no maintenance contract is in place, then slowly the website will be infected with malware and ultimately blacklisted by Google.

With WAAS, you do not pay thousands of dollars for the design & development, nor any hosting, nor maintenance. You just pay a monthly subscription to have an awesome custom website for your business just like you pay for a Netflix subscription. Any updates needed, just let us know and we will have it updated quickly.

In the worst case that you want to move to another provider (which we are confident that you will not want to do), you can just cancel the subscription and we will not just handover the code, but also migrate the website for you to the new provider to save you the hassle. There is absolutely no downside.

So if you have a small or a medium sized business, this is a great way to get an awesome website for your business and keep the cashflow to use in your core business.

What’s included?


Custom Design

We create our own designs and do not use any ready themes or templates for your website design. Your business is special and needs a custom design that talks to your audience and not just be there for the sake of it. Once approved, we develop the website using one of the most widely used website platforms. We follow all the WWW standards that are specified to have a smooth functioning website.

Cloud Hosting

Google servers located in Canada

Data is the most important asset in the world. We all know about the multiple data-related laws in the world. To ensure we abide by the data laws of Canada, we host all our websites in cloud servers within Canada. To top it up, we trust the Google’s of the world (pun-intended) for this.


Monthly Maintenance

Business is always evolving and that should be reflected on your website too. With every package of ours, we provide free updates to the website. Just email us what you would like to change or update, and consider it done. You the time saved to grow your business or even spend some quality time with family & friends.

Speed Optimization

As per statistics, if a website does not load within 1.8 seconds, the user loses interest and moves on. This leads to potential loss of revenue for the business.

Not just that, website speed is the #2 parameter for SEO after website content. 

Google uses its own page speed tool to measure the performance of a website. 80+ for desktop & 50+ for mobile is considered a good performance score.

We ensure that your website is quick and also adheres to all the parameters set by Google to load quickly on every device.


Complete Security

This is the most often neglected aspect of a website. It is like insurance. Till the time everything is fine, no one puts a lot of thought on it. But times are changing and with the increased number of cybersecurity attacks across the world, security is one of the most important aspects of the online world. We ensure that your website is completely secured and always available to your users.

In the worst case, if there is a hack, we will immediately take the necessary measures and have your website up again with 24 hours. For delay of every day that your website is down, we will compensate with free 1 month subscription, that is a promise.


On-Page SEO

Nowadays it is not enough for your website to be readable by your users. Being readable & indexable by Google is equally important if not more. If the website does not align with the standards set by Google, then it does not give a higher ranking to the website in its search results.

We ensure that your website meets the Google standards and is completely indexable. So, the next time anyone searches for your business, Google is ready to show to your website to the potential users.


[1 page]

$99 cad
per month

[2-7 pages]

$199 cad
per month

[8-15 pages]

$299 cad
per month

[Shop / Bookings]

$399 cad
per month