Case Study: City Junk

About the Business

City Junk is a Junk Removal business located the heart of North Vancouver, BC. Being a family-owned business, the owner Mathew Barlett is a big believer in the power of community and understands the importance of strong relationships. His mission is to help local North & West Vancouver residents & businesses in decluttering and getting rid of unwanted junk, make their lives better even in the smallest way that he can contribute.

Mathew is a hustler and owing to the nature of the business, he is always on the move. He is one business owner who does not mind getting his hands dirty, literally!! With the gruelling schedule and demand for his personal presence in the business, he did not have time to focus on his online presence. His existing relationships did provide him with more business but there was scope for more. He trusted a couple of web companies to help him with his online presence with their expertise but there were no results. With the sour taste of his past experience with web agencies, he was very skeptic to start at first smile

As always, the first thing we did was assess his current website and online presence. The website was built in WIX and was being managed by Mathew himself but it needed a lot of technical improvements. The local online presence of the business was good in many neighbourhoods of North Vancouver but wasn’t consistent. And finally, there was no tracking at all. There was no way to know how many people found him on Google and contacted him or not.

Once Mathew decided to give us a chance to work on this online presence, the first thing we did was install some analytics. It was important to know what is working and what is not. Based on the analytics data, we started working on improving his website to make it clutter-free (if I may say) and enhance the user experience. With the new website ready & live, we got to improving his Google Business Profile and also work on improving his Organic SERP listings.

Within couple of months of Mathew trusting us to help him, he consistently started getting 5 leads a week, sometimes resulting in thousands of dollars within a couple of days. Mathew turned from a complete skeptic to a believer. We got City Junk ranking not just for the search term Junk Removal but for many other keywords which would help him get higher value per job for those services.

Here are some statistics (Last 60 days):

Web Traffic: +122%
Website Leads: +183%
Average Local Listing: +62%

City Junk continues to be our client to this date and we are thrilled to be able to add value to the business.

Here is Mathew’s testimonial about us

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